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Chadni Express Exmouth
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Indian cuisine is one of the best ones around, known for its ultimate brew of flavours and fragrance. We, here at Chadni Express Exmouth, have brought for you some of the most exquisite items from the best of the Indian kitchen. Let’s take a closer look at our great collection. Starters like Chicken Chaat Puri, Chicken Tikka Starter, Chadni Chicken Tikka Starter, Chadni Lamb Tikka Starter, Chicken Chadni Tikka Chilli, Lamb Chadni Tikka Chilli etc. are something you can have at the outset of the day and be completely amazed at the quality they are able to bring to the table. Our Tandoori Dishes like Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Mixed Platter, Tandoori King Prawn, Chadni Chicken Tikka, Chadni Tikka Chilli etc. also happen to be among our best best-sellers. For the lovers of vegetable out there, we have also got quite a few notable items like Satha Dansak, Sambar, Malai Korma etc. But, if you are looking for the absolute best items from the Indian fare, our signature items like Jalfrezi, Chaat Masala, King Prawn Masala, Nawabi Jalfrezi, Mint Gosht, Pista Korma, Chadni Nawabi etc. are worthy of your time. These would really taste the part if you combine them with some of our Rice items like Mixed Pilau, Egg Fried Rice, Onion Fried Rice, Coconut Fried Rice, Special Pilau Rice, Nuts & sultanas, Mushroom Rice, Prawn Pilau etc. You can also try out our Bread items like Keema Naan, Kulcha Naan, Lemon Naan, Peshwari Naan, Garlic Naan, Paratha, Sabji Paratha etc. Visit us today.


About Chadni Express Exmouth menu

We are among the most revered places in the city where you can try out the best ever experience of the Indian kitchen. We employ some of the exclusive spices and herbs from the Indian cuisine such that our customers are able to enjoy the hundreds of flavours that come along with their dishes of choice. You would notice a significant difference immediately as you start having some of our dishes. If you are willing to have the Indian dinner at your own house, you can try out our home delivery services. Our free app is found on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store and you can download it on your smartphone to order anything that you want from our entire menu. With the perfect brew of quality ingredients and spices, we would ensure a top-notch experience for you. Consider us a visit today.


Chadni Express Exmouth restaurant

We are located at one of the most premiere parts of the city, right at Chadni Express, Churchill Road, EX8 4JS. Irrespective of where you are located, it would really be easy for you to visit us at any given point of the day. This has to do with the great facilities of transport and traffic that are the norm in this part of the city. Still, if you are unable to make it to us, you can readily open our app and it would be able to navigate you to us with instant GPS support. Rush to us today.